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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it cost me to receive an offer?

A. No. Absolutely not, unlike other companies out there we are happy to give you a no obligation free offer on your home.

Q? How long does the process take?

A. As we are cash buyers we are able to exchange on your home within days. However, that is largely up to you. We have two different plans, one that allows you to sell your home in days and one that takes a little longer and allows you to sell your home in weeks.

Q? I'm from Yorkshire, can I buy propery outside of Yorkshire?

A. Although we are based in Yorkshire, we are happy to consider buying homes outside of that area. If you have a home you wish to sell quickly – just give us a call.

Q? What kind of condition should my home be in?

A. We will make offers on all types of homes whatever condition they may be in. However it is important that you inform us of any issues that you feel may affect the sale of your home as otherwise this could slow the process.

Q? What type of home do you buy?

A. We buy all types of homes, whether you own a flat or a bungalow, a mid-terraced or detached we will make you an offer.

Q? How do you calculate the value of my home?

A. We have the most up to date and sophisticated valuation software available, which enables us to make an accurate valuation of your home. We also have extensive knowledge of the property market in the Yorkshire area, so your home valuation will be both fair and up to date. 

Q? Are there any hidden feeds inolved?

A. No. There are absolutely no fees involved in our service whatsoever. 

Q? How do I know that I'm doing the right thing?

A. We are a local company run by a husband and wife team. If you have any fears, just pick up the phone and we will speak to you and arrange a meeting. If you have any questions or concerns we will be more than happy to arrange a free consultation and answer them all for you.

Q? Does it matter if I'm in arrears with my mortgage or about to be repossessed?

A. No. We can potentially help with any situation you might have. If you are about to be repossessed it’s not too late but we suggest you act sooner rather than later.

Q? How can you ensure such a quick sale?

A. We are a cash buyer. We have the funds available to make a purchase without seeking a mortgage and are able to act immediately. This removes the need for a lengthy and time consuming mortgage application which would undoubtedly slow the process.

Q? Why are your valuations less than an estate agents asking price?

A. Estate agents have a tendency to have asking prices on properties far in excess of what they are really worth. They do this because they expect to take offers on homes which are always less than the asking price. So by setting a higher asking price, that is often unrealistic, they hope to have a good starting point when the offers begin. In reality all homes sell for less than their initial asking price, we will tell you the genuine market value and make you an offer accordingly. 

Q? Can I use my own Solicitor?

A. Yes! We a have a solicitor close to you, working in your interests and for a reputable local firm. If you prefer to use your own solicitor we will meet the costs of this up to the value of £600. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for any delays that this may incur. 

Q? Can I stay in my own home?

A. It may be possible for you to stay in the house and rent it back and this can be discussed on an individual basis.

Q? What should I do next?

A. Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form! We can talk through any questions you have and get the process started right away.